YOU deserve a life worth bragging about.

One where you wake up refreshed, get even more energy from getting dressed, enjoy adorning yourself with meaningful things that truly make you shine, & feel a boost from breakfast (never like crawling back into bed!)

You deserve a life that you’re excited to meet in the morning.

I'm here to help bring your inner sparkle out, with every little energy-enhancing detail of life.

You see, I've seen a lot of muddiness out there in the lives of too many lovely ladies.

Ladies who don’t think they’re worthy of the life of their dreams, or the love they desire, or to surround themselves with beauty in every choice. Ladies who put themselves last and then STILL feel guilty or ashamed that they’re not HAPPY.

Maybe you’re one of those ladies too.

Well, I love you - but I'm tired of it.

Because you deserve to be happy. Not because you work hard. Not because you take care of everyone else’s needs. Not because you lost some weight this year. Just because you’re you.


SO here, I keep things simple.

I have one rule: JOY.

I have one goal: Getting YOU back to YOUR TRUE SELF.

So I've devised a process to help you clear the clutter you don’t want - in your {mind}, {body}, and {home} - to help you invite the stuff you (and your SOUL) really, really do.

Ohhhh, you want the juicy details?


I believe that every single lifestyle choice impacts another, and that we truly are the artists of our own lives.

You can clothe yourself in the most gorgeous dress ever, but if you feel sick from eating terribly - are you really enjoying it? You can make sure you’re nourishing your body and enjoying your meals with abandon, but if you’re wearing clothes purchased during a careless shopping spree - do you really feel fabulous? You can change the color of your bedroom, buy fancy new sheets, or upgrade your shower curtain, but if you’re leaving your home to meet the world with fears, false beliefs, trauma, and other emotional clutter - are you really expressing yourself in life?

My guess is… probably not!

Well, I'm here to help you turn the dial and tweak the areas that desperately need tweaking until you find the unique setting (and style) for a more evolved YOU.

Because every day that you’re alive is an occasion to be celebrated.

Who I am I, really? I’ll tell you.

I'm Rebecca Santilli, Lifestyle Mentor, Healer, Intuitive Stylist, and creator of Rainbow Breathwork. I approach living joyfully from the inside out, using the power of color, self-love, conscious eating, and sustainable wardrobe to connect to your soul's desires and guide you on your healing journey to discovering more of your authentic self.  I'm the former boss lady behind A Taste For Life, where I spent 3 years wellness coaching women to reset their lifestyles from their nourishment up. Especially talented at surgically removing the “blahs” from your life whenever those sneaky bastards come a knockin’, my wildly popular Reset was inspired by my own nutritional overhaul. 

Born into a household where health-consciousness was a given, I was raised on a vegetarian-ish (official term) diet by a mother who is an incredibly gifted cook. I am very thankful for the legacy that my mom created, but back in 2001 I entered the fashion world as a display artist and had lost sight of what a healthy diet was. Even though I maintained my veggie status, I invited some likely suspects into my lifestyle. Add in late nights antics and a “dream” career in fashion that was completely unfulfilling and you get a gal who is numbed out, disconnected, and drained.

2003 brought a huge wake up call.

I was diagnosed with an incurable nerve disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD. The crux of this disease meant that I was unable to walk without pain. After visit after visit where doctors said the same thing (life would be popping pills to ‘manage the symptoms’) I instinctively knew there had to be a better answer.

I returned to my roots and embraced a fresh, home-cooked, plant-passionate diet. I dressed in clothing that made me feel good even if I knew it would be a day spent at home, on the couch. I made ‘curable’ my mission and discovered the healing power of natural modalities such as acupuncture, spirituality, nature, yoga, sisterhood, and yes, lots of self- love.

Chronic pain may have been the medicine I needed (not wanted) to help me return to my body. Oh, life...

The pain drastically decreased, my anxiety calmed, my connection to spirit grew, and my confidence increased (greatly). I became a Certified Health Coach in 2013 and subsequently discovered a way to use my training and talents in the personal styling industry, allowing me to continue spending this lifetime conscious of all things beautiful.

I became a master at the art of healing with food, then began reviving MY SPIRIT with style and color.

Still grounded in both the fashion world and the healing world, I spent the next few years exploring color theory, body type, crystal energy, chakra systems, and active breathwork meditation to align my energetic field and help uncover more of who I am.

After shedding layers of heavy emotional clutter at subconscious and even unconscious levels, it was like clearing a path to my soul’s desires. I connected more deeply to my intuition through the breath with an open heart and finally felt safe to be in my body and let go of my mind. As a healer, I’m passionate about sharing these tools with the world- my most influential trainings being Breathwork Levels 1+2 and Aura Soma Levels 1+2.

Since, I've gone from encouraging people to shop More (hello- 9 years spent in the fashion industry) to encouraging people to be more conscious shoppers.

What lights me up nowadays in the world of wardrobe styling?

Consciousness. (Cue my time spent as an avid eBay seller since 2001 where I learned all about extending the life cycle of clothing.) I believe in wearing a lot of old clothes, restyling, reducing, recycling, not spending a ton on clothes. I believe in swapping, shopping vintage, auditing (the 'one in, one out' rule), reselling. I believe in being careful, listening to what your heart wants for your wardrobe, rocking your power color in ways which will best serve your soul's desire. This is high vibe Soul Styling!

In 2017 I founded Rainbow Breathwork, a treatment intended to stimulate and balance each of your seven chakras while empowering you to clear the internal clutter you don’t want- and help you call in what you want. It's the merging of Aura Soma + Breathwork modalities into a tangible healing experience.

joy is the meaning of my middle name. It truly represents my inner self and the path that my conscious + unconscious choices lead me toward.

Want to be guided toward a joyful life?

I currently read closets (and colors), offer private and group breathwork sessions and intuitively channel guidance (think: card pulls, aura cleanses, and spirit coaching) and strut my sparkle while encouraging every woman I encounter to do the same. (Okay, I encourage some shiny dudes too!) Btw, I’ve got a soft spot for travel, salt air, colorful architecture, small animals, and lots of play.

Ready to make joy a top priority? Click here to book a free 15-minute chat with me!