Rainbow Breathwork was more wonderful than I could have imagined- the effect it had on my body and mind was the most powerful part! Becca’s ability to connect with a whole class while making me feel as she was paying close personally attention to me was wonderful! I felt instantly comfortable and I was able to let go and give in to the feelings inside. Being able to cleanse my body through breath was something I didn’t even know I could do. I have practiced yoga and meditation for over 6 years and have never felt anything so powerful. I was able to let go of so much trauma that I didn’t even know my body was holding on too. And I saw the most vibrant blue color while we went though the breathwork...
— Alyssa T.
At the risk of sounding too emphatic, my Aura Soma session with Becca was pretty damn mind-blowing. Each of the bottled color combinations that came up were exactly in line with what I had been working on, and what I needed to continue working on. And I LOVED the colors. I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind since our call (which is a good thing, since they’re so beautiful). Also, Becca is a freaking delight to connect with. She’s fun and playful, and still manages to be deep and intuitive. I will be going back for more of what she’s got.
— Sara Yamtich, Founder, Resonate with Sara
My life changed when my wardrobe changed. One of the many steps I took last year to better love myself was to learn about clothing and fit. I worked with Stylist, Rebecca Santilli, who helped me see my body so differently, just with the clothes I was wearing. I wish I could take Becca with me every time I shop, but I keep her reminders of ‘fit, proportion, and interesting details’ in mind. Adding her to to list of empowering, body-loving, down-to-earth fashion women I know.
— Jackie Mangiolino, Founder, Sincerely Jackie
Our Style Coaching Session together was amazing. I look at my rebrand photos and think... I look like a badass! Shopping with Rebecca felt like one of those fun shopping montages in a romantic comedy. I always hated shopping for myself, but it was a blast going with her! She knew exactly what to get for me that was flattering, and as a result, my rebrand photos were incredible! She was able to capture my brand perfectly. Not only that, but now I have pieces I can wear in my everyday life with confidence. If you want to be transformed (inside and out), then go with Rebecca!
— Sarah Fox, Founder, The Bookish Fox
You’re a great listener and so passionate about your purpose. I love that! In our world today where we are directed to look outside of ourselves to define who we are, it’s challenging for me to stay on course and trust my voice. Making the time to discover a way to get away from all the social media commotion and to attempt to truly listen to what is happening on the inside was a nice break from all that noise. After the Rainbow Breathwork session I felt the silence and the calm, and more at ease with navigating the rest of my day. I feel that I have a valuable tool to help me reset my focus. Thank you for sharing your gift with me!
— Tessie R.
The Soul Strategy Matrix was really eye-opening and fun. I learned that my soul really knows what it wants, and that while I could use some support on my journey, I’m moving in the right direction. I’m planning on following my Aura Soma protocol based on our session. It really was crazy to see how “on point” all of the indications were - just from numbers! I also really aligned with the recommendations so it feels good to have a plan of action to nurture myself in this way. Rebecca is truly a light and her work with color, style, and energy healing is so magical. I’d highly recommend having a reading and working on your aura with her!
— Jamie Jensen, Screenwriter + Business Coach, TheJamieJensen.com
My Soul Strategy Matrix session with Becca was wonderfully validating and magical. Great insight and a wonderful delivery. Loved the wrap up meditation, and compared to other intuitively based metaphysical readings, I would say this was spot on! I’m inspired to continue to share my gifts to help all people on our planet.
— Maura C.
Rainbow Breathwork was something I honestly had never experienced anything like it prior. My hands and feet felt like they were vibrating, and my arms and hands couldn’t touch the ground. I could feel the universe, as crazy as that sounds!! Becca’s guidance was seriously awesome. After the breathwork, while we all laid there getting our breath back to normal, I saw an eagle flying through the sky over me. Well, when it came time for our spirit animals, I was basically floored when I pulled an Eagle as my spirit animal. I mean, talk about the universe! I just took away an overwhelming feeling of trusting the universe and all it has in store for us... also trusting myself. I really felt more connected to everyone on this planet and more that day than I ever have before. I’ve grown up surrounded by Native American culture and participating in ceremonies, in a very spiritual household, but I feel I accessed that connectedness through the breathwork and I never had before. Becca was awesome, her guidance totally helped me through the breathwork. I really never experienced anything like this before, as I said I really felt like I could literally feel the universe and the whole next day I felt better than I have in years, seriously.
— Sarah C.
Staying inspired because of my unicorn, Rebecca Santilli. You not only inspire my wardrobe, but you inspire my soul!
— Emily K.
I’m so happy and thankful that I did this Reset with Becca, it changed my life. I feel awesome physically and deeply inspired emotionally to keep up with this lifestyle. I was tired, couldn’t sleep more than 5 hours, and I had a headache every morning, I was depressed. All that is gone. I don’t wait for the weekend anymore to have fun or do what I like! I’ve learned you are what you eat, your exterior shows when you take care of your interior. Not only what we eat, but how we dress, what colors we use and how we take care of our homes. It’s the whole package- mind, body, heart and home. Another very important thing I’ve learned is that we have to take care of ourselves first, so we can take care of our family. For the first time in a long time I’m happy with myself, and that is a great feeling. Don’t miss it, it’s never late to make a change!
— Maria D.
“Before starting the Reset, I was in a complete and total rut. I needed to figure out how to be happy again, boost my confidence, and start feeling healthy again. Now I have more energy, I’m sleeping much better, and I’m happier knowing I’m doing something great for my body- and I could feel the effects from the very first day. It’s been a great confidence booster and all around mood changer. From the recipes to the Facebook interaction, Becca succeeded in creating a mini “Reset Community” and I loved every recipe I made! She has a way of helping people reinvent themselves and feel better. I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt this good! THANK YOU!
— Jazmin P.
Becca helps people to listen to their bodies and their own thoughts in order to give themselves what they actually need, as opposed to what they think they need. She helps you uncover your capabilities, which are endless while accepting aspects of yourself that should be loved not apologized for.
— Sheena V.
I was lucky enough to spend the day with Rebecca Santilli. She gave my refrigerator and pantry a makeover and quite frankly my attitude a makeover as well. She is extremely professional and lives the life she teaches. Her enthusiasm and approach is contagious and not only did she motivate me, she armed me with the means and resources to set myself and my family up for success. It feels like we are giving ourselves the gift of good food and informed choices. Thank you for putting us on the track we belong on!
— Nicole L.
Just wanted to tell how much I am in love with the Reset! I cannot thank you enough for helping me to be the best me again- I feel inspired and empowered! You helped me get back in control of my eating habits and my life but in a way that I respect so much. And thank you for sharing your sparkle with me (my eyes are welling up.) It was a gift of a week, truly! You really need to make a cookbook.
— Megan Cahill, Founder, My Little Eye Photography
I was in need of a kick in the ass! My gut was in a rut and I lacked the motivation to declutter myself and my surroundings. I would say the Reset is not a detox/cleanse in the usual sense, though it does do that— realistically and sustainably. It was awesome.
— Allison B.
I felt happy getting dressed up for my first work event last night wearing one of my favorite outfits and adding a pop of color with bright orange earrings. The Reset helped me channel ALL the confidence!!!
— Natalie K.